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How to Generate MASSIVE INCOME from the Ever Growing TELECOM INDUSTRY. Start Your Own MINI TELECOMS Virtual Top Up SERVICE Business 

Get INSIDER SECRET On How to Start with Little or NO WORKING CAPITAL and Turn #3000  into #100,000, #210,000 or N10,724,40[10Million Seven Hundred and twenty two thousand, Forty Naira.] within the space of two weeks and start making N1050 to N15000 Daily from this Business through LegacyVTU Automated Reseller Affiliate Platform  No Hardwork on your side.

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Mike [The Grand Commander of VTU Business in Nigeria and Founder/CTO  of and also ICT Technical Department Head of TURAPP]

If you are here on this Page congratulations you met me at last and this begin an Amazing income journey for you.Why am I sure? I am because I know you are here because you are looking for a reliable internet Business you can do right now in Nigeria and now you have found one.

Why should you listen to me or Read till the end of this Page?

I am MIKE, [ The Grand Commander of VTU Reseller Business in Nigeria and], if you want to confirm this, you can google VTU Reseller Business and see the results you get. I can guarantee you, that you will see me or vtu guide, blog post, vtu site I have partner with etc, if I’m not the one who wrote what you see on the web, then it must have been a copy or an extract from my Write Ups.  I have many copies of my training write-ups online since early 2014 till date.

Well, enough about me! I don’t think I need to proof anything more. Let’s get down to Business why we are hear because time is precious.


A Brother of mine, Bro. Alex ,few years ago when Recharge Card Business was booming in Nigeria around 2010 took his retirements benefits and invested heavily into Recharge Card Distributorship Business in Nigeria, he spent over 12 million naira setting up the whole business as at then.

Far back then everyone of us believed Bro. Alex has arrived, e don Hammer. What other business can give you income like Recharge card Super Dealership?.

These Recharge Card Dealers make Turn over in Billions Per Quarter as at then,

Well unfortunately before my Bro. could enjoy this kind of income, Fire gutted his Office with all the equipment’s and Printed Cards. This was a sad moment for all of us I must say. The man nearly committed suicide seeing all his life earnings go down the drain.

However, I thank God he was able to pick up later through my help. Now he is back into the Telecoms Business but not doing Recharge Cards Business but VIRTUAL TOP UP.

At that time, I was studying the New Virtual Top Up method of loading Airtime and I saw a bigger and Saver potential in it, I introduced it to Bro. Alex that is around beginning of 2015 and at last we have another from GRASS to GRACE story. This opened my eyes that, this can be an opportunity for many Nigerians also.


I don’t need a Seer to show this to you anymore. You can see it that most Recharge card sellers are already PACKING UP THEIR CANOPIES or changing business.

We are now in the ERA of Virtual Top Up[VTU]. This started way back around 2013 and a few year later, the BANKS too cannot take it anymore, they also decided to “chook” their head into our business as Virtual Top Up Reseller and Distributor.

Big companies like Quickteller are turning over 5 billion naira Per month in Virtual Top Up business in Nigeria. My Paga, GT Bank, First Bank of Nigeria and other Top Banks in Nigeria are doing Billions of Naira in Virtual Top Up alone by allowing you to buy airtime automatically from your Bank Account in which they make from 5 to 10% per Airtime transaction you do via your Bank account. Even the Telecom Company are also doing the Virtual Top up business using their credit borrowing idea and raking pure profits of between %6 to 10% Daily.


Do you know that:

  • We have more Active Mobile Phone lines (GSM, CDMA, Fixed Wireless, VOIP) than the Total Population of Nigeria.

  • But Active GSM lines  is almost 140 million GSM lines  as at September 2017 according to NCC website.

  • Out of the above, over 90 million have ACTIVE INTERNET line, that means they use Data on their phones

This is why this MARKET is huge and many people are making fortunes out of this market, ITS YOUR TURN to cut from this National Cake.

So, let me introduce to you to:

THE CURRENT BEST WAY TO Get into this VTU business and get started no matter how small and you can make massive wealth from this Virtual Top Up Business.


Red Hot!!!!

  • This is NOT  a Machine that you will have to buy for over a hundred thousand and then wait for several months before making your money Back.
  • This is NOT a Portal that you will need to Invest Capital to acquire Equipment’s and Machines
  • This is NOT a Portal that you will need an Expert to come train you before you can use. A Training guide have already been created for you that work you step by step guide on how to run this business successfully
  • This is an automated Portal that you can Operate with your Mobile Phone, you do not need any extra Data to make it work, if you do whatsapp and you can do facebook on your phone, then you can do this Mini Telecom Virtual Top Up Business using only your mobile phone
  • This IS a Portal you can offer Several Services through virtual topup ranging from Airtime, Data, Bill Payment[GOTV, DSTV, STARTIMES] Money Bank Transfer, Electricity epayment, Epin Vending Sales, VTU Reseller Setup.
  • This IS a Portal that you will need Little OR NO CAPITAL to start generating income from once activated.

 You will be getting our automated portal that will run on your PC and Mobile Phone for the the Price of penny. These Portals will enable you Render Services like:

  • Airtime VTU sales of All Network[ MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE]

  • Cheap Data Sales Of all Newtwork [ MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE]

  • Bill Payment[GOTV, DSTV, STARTIMES]

  • Electricity Epayment

  • Epin Vending for registering your Downlines

  • Educational ePin such as WAEC Result Checker, NECO, NABTECH epin

Once you fund your eWallet with Money on our platform, You can sell all services from the Same eWallet Balance and Make COMMISSIONS and Generate PROFITS.
Commissions are percentage discounts given back to you from the Portal, Profits are extra charge you collect from your Customer as Service charge.
Example of Commissions on AIRTIME
MTN 3% on every Recharge
AIRTEL 4% on every Recharge
GLO 4% on every Recharge
9MOBILE (Former Etisalat) 4% on every recharge.
Simply if you sell N1000 GLO airtime and you have a wallet Balance of N1000. Only N960 will be charged from your wallet, so after sales you still have N40 balance which you can still sell for more commissions.
SERVICES like Digital TVs (DSTV etc) do not have inbuilt Commissions, You will charge your customer between N50 – N100 depending on what is obtainable in your area.
So, its so simple, even a DUMMY from my village can operate this business from his Mobile Phone and become the “Most Sought After Boo in town”


Not N100,000

Not N50,000

Not N20,000

Because we want you to HAVE NO EXCUSE for not getting Started, you’ll get access to this Portal for just N8,999 only


If you take ACTION today while the offer still last

You only have to pay N3000 REGISTRATION FEE FOR VENDOR  plus GUIDE. This offer is only available this week


The good news also about these business opportunity of becoming a Vendor is that you get paid N1050  for sharing these business opportunity of selling Airtime, Data, TV and Electricity with your phone to someone. Once you register as a vendor and give your referral link to someone to register as a sponsor and the person pay his or her own membership registration fee of N3000. You will be paid N1050 and also 5-15%  indirect referring Bonus Commission up to 7th Generation Deep.

You will be paid once you register and activate 1 person. Imagine if you register now and refer like 100 people in two weeks from now, you have just made N1050X100=N105,000 and if you refer like 200 per month that should give you N1050X200=N210000  on only referrer and this people will go on to make you million within few month through indirect referral Bonus commission earning down to 7th level on your Matrix system.


Are you shy of telling people about EWALLETSTORENG Business Opportunity? do you want massive number of people to join your EWALLETSTORENG network? Do you want to see how our technology work first before you can invest into it or you just want to make more money by not spending money on creating VTU portal? We have a good news for you, you can now order for EWALLETSTORENG VRP Business Setup Solution Sale page just like the page you are reading this from by paying N13,500 only after being a Vendor. You will have your own VTU sale page portal where you can start promoting to attract leads into your vtu business. Your VTU Sale page website will be ready under 24hours  from now so that you can start the business right away.


It is very simple, just pay your N3000 one time activation fee into our company bank account which will be given to you during your upgrade process .

 Note You only need to register 1 person to get paid how we pay you for lifetime. All your downlin makes you 5-15% once you have a referral on any of your network level.




This Opportunity is for as many as those who want to change their financial status
√If you are a business man that needs to increase your investment and make more money even while you sleep, this is for you and you just arrived at the right place..👍
√If you are a graduate waiting to gain employment and have gone helter skelter without result, you have a place here. With Recharge and get paid , you can be sure of making enough money to establish your self in what ever field and make your dream come true..👍
√As a retired personnel,you also have a place here, with Recharge and get paid you can live the kind  of life you have Always wanted but could not achieve even when active in service. This is real..👍
√As an house wife, you can sustain your self and also be a pillar of  support to your spouse and family just by being part of Recharge and get paid ..
√As a professional, you can also join Recharge and get paid and gain residual income even while you go about your professional activities without any hindrances..👍
√As a parent, you too can sustain your self and family and be free from the burden of poverty just by investing in Recharge and get paid opportunity..

The Nokia 1100 sold more than 250 million units, making it the best selling model of any mobile phone in history.

It was purchased in Nigeria in 2005. Today Technology has made it possible for almost everyone to own a Smart Phone.
Nokia simply refused to upgrade and they lost all their market to android smartphones.
WhatsApp killed 2go
USB killed CD and DVD killed VCD
Xender killed Bluetooth.
Get what??? lockdown is killing so many businesses.😀😁
If you don’t make TECHNOLOGY your FRIEND TODAY, it will surely be your ENEMY TOMORROW.
Technology will keep evolving… If you don’t take advantage of Technology today you will lose out tomorrow. Be wise…Get Involved.
The Most Consumed Products In the World today Are Airtime & Data.
No matter who you are or where you may be, you can’t do without AIRTIME & DATA,TV,… Our products will forever remain ESSENTIAL 4 EVERYBODY EVERYDAY ( E~E~E ).
Food is consumed three times a day, while AIRTIME/DATA is consumed 24/7…
Get a VTU license today
 VTU BUSINESS IS MONEY , people use AIRTIME/DATA daily than Oil/Gas
“The money you’re looking for in 2020 is in the business you’re avoiding in 2020”
Chat me up to share the business with you because there is love in sharing.


  1. Why do you find a graduate without a job, some with their first class, others with 2nd class upper?
This is not the era of certificates but this is the era of ‘Sabificate’– what you do with what you know.
  1. Why do you see a man end up 65 years old as a gate man and another man of same age lives a luxurious life? Imagine they could have both finished from the same school sitting in the same class room.
The difference is Mr. A said “No” to some opportunities while Mr. B said “Yes” during their youthful days?
The word “POOR” means- Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly.
Today, being poor, living an average life or becoming rich/wealthy, all are choices people make! Which choice have you made?
10 years from now, your kids will be eating or starving from the decisions you make today…
  1. Why are other people successful in the same things you say can’t work?
A wise man once said “Your life flows in the direction of your thoughts.”
“When You Want To Succeed As Bad As You Want To Breathe,Then You’ll Be Successful” –Eric Thomas
There is nothing as dangerous as a made up mind…
Make up your mind to succeed. We only live once. If you do it right, once is more than enough.
Take your first step to the direction of your dreams. The best time was yesterday, another best time is Today. It could be the only opportunity you’ve got!!
 “I am free when I accept the freedom of others”
Be active.. be among the few that will be fearless to command results intentionally..
The space is large..
we have over 200million people waiting for you every where..
 even in the social media’s,churches,market place,lecturers,youth corpers etc.
Remember, a closed mouth is a closed destiny.
How much did you spend on Recharges last month?
How much did you GET PAID? NOTHING😜
IF you spent ₦3k on Airtime Recharges, ₦5k on Data, paid for your Cable TV and light bill. By now you have lost:
👉 2% of ₦3k which is ₦60naria,
👉 10% of ₦5k which is ₦500naira,
👉 then ₦40naira each for light bill and Cable TV.
So you have lost ₦640naira from your usual recharges and that of your family and friends.
It’s so sad how we look down on OPPORTUNITIES.
 ₦640 x 10 = ₦6,400
 This👆 calculation is for you and just nine(9) of your family and friends. 🤣
NOW, multiply that from January till TODAY 😳🙆‍♂
Chaiii, na like this you go dey dey?
Please, WISE UP and JOIN our TELECOM business Today.
(1). If I may ask, HOW do you Buy Airtime and Data Subscription for your usage?
 MAJORITY of you will answer Bank account or road side vendors which of course is true because I used to use it before. 😁😂
(2). Is Your #Bank a telecommunications company?
 The answer is “NO” 
(3). Then how come you are buying #airtime from your account? This mean your bank registered #VTU with the  telecommunication companies, which enable them to sell airtime to you!. 🤓🤓🤓
 And anytime you buy from them, VTU pay them 5% on ALL your RECHARGES and you don’t get any COMMISSIONS, instead you’ll even be charged #4 for SMS alert! Which shouldn’t be…😳😳
Banks make millions annually from sales of airtime alone, because people must Recharge and Telecommunication Industry has proven to be the new OIL WELL!
 I know, you’re SILENT now at the last question.


 There are just one plan for those that want to be part of this OIL WELL BUSINESS.
You will earned back your registration fee by just sponosring 3 people, that is N1050 instantly per referral. And earn up to 7th level deep of your downlines.
For those who said they don’t understand how we’re making money. Please read the earning summary 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
It’s quite simple to understand🤝🏻
Advantage EWS has over others
👉 When you register (sign up), you get paid (35%) for each user you signup as a vendor .
👉 When you recharge/sell airtime, you get paid(1-5%)
👉 When you buy/sell data, you get paid(1-10%)
👉 When you subscribe for Cable TV, you get paid 1-2%
👉 When you pay for PHCN bill, you get paid  1-2%
👉 You refer people, you get paid(35%) with Indrect level earnings
👉 Your people refer people, you get paid (5-15%)
The “Perfect Business” Every Entrepreneur Should Know About
 If I were to recommend a profitable business for a man or woman who only has a start-up capital of N10,000 – N50,000 and about 3 hours a day to spare, I would recommend what I call EWALLETSTORENG VIRTUAL TO UP.
What Is EWS Virtual Top Up & Why Do I Recommend It for Entrepreneurs?
Before I tell you what EWS VIRTUAL TOP UP(VTU) and why I recommend it, I want you to stop for a moment and think🤔🤔 about what many people spend their money on asides shelter, transport, school fees, food and drinks.
If you think about it carefully, you will agree with me that most of what we spend money on comes down to products that help us to live a more comfortable life.
Things like:
– Airtime
– Data
– Electricity Bills – PHCN, IKEDC
– Satellite TV Subscription – DSTV, GOTV, StarTimes
– Etc
The point I am trying to make is this…
“People spend a lot of money every year on these products and that is why telecommunication products companies like Quickteller & Clickatell, financial institutions etc are growing FAT every day”
The market for these products is HUGE and UNLIMITED.
And these telecommunication companies obtain the license to resell these products from businesses like MTN, GLOBACOM, AIRTEL and 9MOBILE
But unlike Quickteller and Clickatell, you do not need a big website with lots of fancy design to make a lot of money using or selling these telecom products.
As a matter of fact, you could make huge money from every one of the products when you use EWALLETSTORENG Virtual Top Up approach.
I am not sure what your income goal is…
Maybe it is an extra N500,000 a month
Or N1 million a month
Or even N5 million a month
The EWS virtual top up model I am about to explain to you can make it happen for you (that is, if you are teachable)
LV Virtual Top Up is All About 3 Things:
(1) You search for a reliable telecommunication company (EWS) and register on their platform to own a personal VTU Portal and have access to airtime, data and bill payment services and lots more.
Here is a platform that helps a lot of people to easily pay their electricity bills from the comfort of their homes, without having to go to PHCN office or roadside vendors.
(2) You register with a one time payment on the telecom VTU platform for as a vendor and you receive an online account, with a unique username and password where you can conduct business transactions and record the amount of money you earn from your activities.
I.e. You register on our platform, receive your online details, and we will guide you on how to run a successful Telecom VTU business.
(3) You promote the company/products using excellent social media advert methods for a good Return on Your Investment.
E.g. You can simply promote them using just Whatsapp marketing approach( free Digital Marketing Skill to all that partner with us)
This is why I said earlier that you can make huge money from every one of the products when you partner with our Telecom VTU Company.
I recommend EWALLESTORENG Virtual Top Up business model because:
🧚‍♀ You don’t need a lot of money to start (You can start with even N10,000 as a trading capital after your registration)
🧚‍♀ The market for telecom products is HUGE and UNLIMITED (you will never run out of products to sell)
🧚‍♀You don’t need a shop or office to start
🧚‍♀ It is not time-consuming
🧚‍♀ And the profits can be fast and crazy
As you can see, this business is for open minded individual.
But the good thing is that you can turn your capital into a lot of profits within a few weeks if you use our proven system.